• There are a number of basic procedures the school has in order to ensure the safety and security of its students and staff. Cooperation on everyone’s part will go a long way in guaranteeing that the business of the school – teaching and learning – can take place.

    Closed Campus:
    Under no circumstances are students to leave the school building without permission. A student with permission to leave may only leave under the escort and supervision of an authorized adult. Students need to be aware that the school has several neighbors, and should be respectful and courteous of their needs. Once students have entered school in the morning, they may not leave the building unless they are escorted by a school staff member or other authorized adult.

    In addition, if a parent wishes to have lunch with their student, he/she will need to check the student out through the front office. This is to ensure the safety of all students in our care.
    Campus Passes: Campus passes are required any time a student is out of class. When using a pass, a student must go quickly and directly to and from the specified destination.


    PENSAR ACADEMY is happy to have visitors. Anyone, including family members or prospective students and their families who wish to tour or visit the school, must first call the office to set up an appointment. Our Office Manager will make every attempt to arrange the visit within 24 hours of the request.


    Volunteers often inadvertently have access to sensitive information. Any information about students or their grades, discipline, or any personally identifiable information about School employees,

    including address, salary, Social Security number, or telephone number, etc. is to remain confidential. If a volunteer has a concern involving something that is witnessed or overheard, it should be discussed with the Principal. If a volunteer disregards this policy, the privilege of volunteering may be revoked. All employees of charter schools, and school volunteers who work with students, shall be fingerprinted and have a criminal background check conducted as required by statute.

    Any visitor, including parents and guardians, who do not report to the office or are found in the building without authorization will be asked to leave immediately. Visitors should wear visitor badges at all times to indicate that they have checked-in at the main office.