• The Mission Statement of Pensar Academy:

    Pensar Academy will develop middle school students with the essential skills to be agents of change in a 21st century global society.

  • The Vision for Pensar Academy:

    All our students will critically navigate new challenges to resolution, collaborate and communicate with purpose and production, and reach their full potential in post-secondary education to become agents of change within the community.

  • Our Shared Beliefs:

    1.  A strong education for all students is essential for a well-functioning society. Education serves as the platform for each student to become an agent of change.

    2.  To compete in a 21st century global marketplace, each student must possess the essential skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking to maximize his/her growth and success in life.

    3.  The choice to partake in Post-secondary education is offered through a combination of the mastery of 21st century skills and planning which begins early, not when a student turns 17. The Middle School years, defined at Pensar Academy as grades 4-8, are the “make or break” academic years for our students.