• Pensar Academy Enrollment Policy

    Pensar Academy is an open-enrollment, tuition-free public charter school that operates based on a contract with their authorizer. This policy outlines enrollment and admission practices. If you have any questions related to the information outlined herein, please contact the school’s Principal on campus.  Pensar Academy encourages potential students or families to attend interviews, informational meetings, or tours at any campus of interest to learn more about us. Please note that attending interviews, meetings, or tours is not a requirement or a condition of admission or enrollment.  Pensar Academy widely informs the community about the opportunity to enroll at Pensar Academy.  Pensar Academy enrolls all eligible students who submit a timely application provided the school has capacity. If the school receives more applications than the number of available seats, it offers enrollment based upon an equitable selection process which includes a lottery followed by a first-come, first-serve method.

    Returning Students to Pensar Academy

    Current students returning to the same campus for the following school year will not enroll during the open enrollment period. Re-enrollment of returning students occurs annually after the lottery is completed. Returning students will receive priority and are guaranteed a seat in the next grade level so long as enrollment is completed in a timely manner.  Returning students must submit their updated re-enrollment applications generally by the end of January prior to the results of the new applicant lottery, which occurs at the end of the open enrollment period. Any returning students that do not complete their re-enrollment application prior to the end of the designated period will be subject to first-come, first-serve enrollment and may lose their spot.

    Per Arizona law, parents must update and/or verify all information with a newly completed registration packet annually. This includes the verification and/or update of residency information.

    Siblings of returning students are granted priority enrollment status but must follow the new student admission application process. It is recommended that siblings of existing students apply during the Open Enrollment period.

    Pensar Academy Open Enrollment:  January 1, 2022- March 31, 2023

    The open enrollment period is the designated period when all applications must be submitted for consideration in the random seating lottery. The open enrollment period ends prior to the date of the lottery. Open enrollment and lottery dates for the upcoming school year will be posted on each school’s ’s website.